Life after lockdown for yoga

Lockdown - getting by or thriving? An opportunity to rest and 'complete' Netflix or start those projects you've always been meaning to master? Whichever camp you are in there is no denying that lockdown has been the push some people have been waiting for to get fit or start a new exercise regime.

Lockdown has seen a rise in the popularity of yoga by nearly 50%! Online superstars such as Yoga with Adrienne have over 7 million subscribers and the enforced closure of gyms and studios may have changed the world of yoga forever.

But for some people you just can't beat joining a group class - the community, the atmosphere, the ability to step into a studio and leave the real world outside. It just isn't the same when you have to find space by the washing and move the dog off your mat. When studio's eventually re-open there will be some changes. Gone are the days of squeezing as many people as possible in a hot, dark, sweaty room; sharing mats, props and communal water fountains.

The new norm will include bringing your own equipment and for some it may mean two sets of kit - a home kit and studio kit to limit the risk of infection even further. There are hundreds of yoga options out there, below are few of the best sustainable options on the market.

Mats are the most important piece of personal equipment. Look for sustainable brands to keep your eco credentials while down dogging:

And don't just antibac your hands - keep your mat clean with Yogamatters Active Yoga Mat Cleaner:

Yoga props can be hot beds for germs so invest in your own cork block from Ecotex Yoga:

And finally keep yourself and your fellow yogis safe during pranayama with an organic cotton facemask from Alex and Nova:

Whether you chose to keep practicing at home or cant wait to get back to the studio - make it safe.


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