If you are anything like me, then lockdown has resulted in an insatiable tea habit. It gives me something to do, makes me get up from the screen from time to time and we need something to wash down all that banana bread!

However, teas and tea bags are not as innocent as they may first appear. Over 4 million tonnes of tea are produced annually. Tea bags can be made with polypropene which, as you boil them, can leak micro plastics into your tea. When you drink your tea, you then ingest them. Plastic tea bags also cant be composted, ending up on the rubbish pile. Bad for the body and for the environment.

Below are some of the best teas for both people and planet with fair trade, sustainability and wellness at their heart. So grab yourself a cuppa and have a read!

Pukka Herbs

Pukka Herbs was created with the purpose of benefitting the health of people, plants and the planet.

Fair for Life certified, donating 1% of revenue to environmental and social causes, the teas are made from organic ingredients. Pukka also became carbon neutral in 2019. The day to night collection has curated teas from awakening ginseng to calming chamomile - all in plastic free tea bags. Visit their website and you can also take a Dosha quiz - matching your tea to your Ayurvedic dosha type!

Brew Tea

Brew Tea is a B Corp, committed to ‘using business as a force for good’.

They work with Ethical Tea Partnership Growers, are Rainforest Alliance Certified and the packaging is plastic-free and compostable. Teas are sent in FSC certified cardboard and NatureFlex inner lining - both of which can be recycled at home. The loose leaf teas remove the micro plastic concerns and they also helpfully provide tasting notes and food pairings! Top pick is the Chai Tea.

Tea Pigs

A B-Corp, certified plastic free and part of the Ethical Tea Partnership, Tea Pigs are a high street hero. The website gives detail on all the tea types - perfect for those tea geeks out there! The tea pick n' mix is a great way to try some new favourites and continuing with the confectionary theme, they also pair with Tony's Chocoloney. Is there anything better than tea and chocolate?!


Organic and fair trade, Clipper encourages everyone to be 'Ac-tea-vists'. Their infusions are unusual with the Sleep Easy being a pre-bed tipple of choice. If you fancy whiling away 5 minutes with a nice cuppa, Clipper also have a 'how Gen-tea are you' quiz.

So next time you boil yourself a cuppa, maybe try one that will be good for your body and also good for the planet.


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