The Beauty of Yin Yoga

We all live faced paced, high energy lives and often spend our down time doing fast paced, high energy activities. Yin yoga isn't your standard, slightly sweaty vinyasa flow; it is literally the Yin to the Yang.

Yin Yoga is focused on lengthening the deep connective tissues. It is slower, poses are held for longer and it provides you with space to focus on your breath and prepare your body for meditation.

Yin Yoga often utilities props like blocks, bolsters, blankets and pillows. The postures are held for extended periods of time from two to five minutes - sometimes even longer! This allows your body to get used to the 'comfortable discomfort' with the aim of releasing fully into the posture and eventually lengthening the deep connective tissues beyond their original capacity.

The Benefits of Yin Yoga:

Excellent maintenance for the joints

Develops flexibility

Calms the nervous system

Improves skeletal and postural alignment

Develops physical awareness of the body

Enables you to slow down

Promotes joint mobility and flexibility

For some it can take a little getting used to. Sitting still for that long is a meditative practice as well as a physical practice. You cant escape your thoughts or emotions and are forced to face whats happening head on. The combination of the physical and mental side of a Yin Yoga practice is very powerful and you have to fully surrender to the practice. Postures can be uncomfortable but it really is a case of mind over matter!


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